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Database Administration
Reference : PROMON Utility : R&D Status Displays : BI Log
BI Log
Displays status information for before-image logging.

PROMON BI Log Status display

The following shows a sample BI Log Status display.
09/25/16       Status:BI Log

Before-image cluster age time:                   60 seconds
Before-image block size:                         8192 bytes
Before-image cluster size:                       512 kb (524288 bytes)
Number of before-image extents:                  1
Before-image log size (kb):                      2168
Bytes free in current cluster:                   521177 (100%)
Last checkpoint was at:                          09/25/16 13:56
Number of BI buffers:                            5
Full buffers:                                    0
Current BI Cluster: 4
BI Cluster HWM: 4
The display contains the following fields:
*Before-image cluster age time — The period of time that must pass before a BI cluster is reused. This period ensures that database blocks flushed at checkpoint are moved from the buffers on disk. When this occurs, the transaction is durably recorded on disk.
*Before-image block size — The BI block size.
*Before-image cluster size — The BI cluster size.
*Number of before-image extents — The number of BI files.
*Before-image log size (kb) — The size of the BI log file, in kilobytes.
*Bytes free in current cluster — The number of free bytes remaining in the current BI cluster.
*Last checkpoint was at — The time of the last checkpoint.
*Number of BI buffers — The number of BI buffers.
*Full buffers — The number of full BI buffers.
*Current BI Cluster — The number of the current BI cluster.
*BI Cluster HWM — The high water mark of the BI clusters.