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Reference : PROMON Utility : R&D Status Displays : AI Log
AI Log
Displays status information for after-image logging, if after-imaging is enabled.

PROMON AI Log Status display

The following shows a sample AI Log Status display.
09/15/16 Status: AI Log

After-image begin date: 08/18/16 10:47
After-image new date: 08/18/16 10:47
After-image open date: 09/15/16 11:31
After-image generation number: 1
Number of after-image extents: 3
Current after-image extent: 13
Number of AI buffers: 5
After-image block size: 8192 bytes
After-image log size:              2168 K
After-image sequence #: 1
The display contains the following fields:
*After-image begin date — The date of the last AIMAGE BEGIN command.
*After-image new date — The date of the last AIMAGE NEW command.
*After-image open date — The date when the AI log was last opened.
*After-image generation number — The generation number of the current AI extent.
*Number of after-image extents — The number of AI files or extents.
*Current after-image extent — The extent number of the current (busy) extent.
*Number of AI buffers — The number of buffers in the AI buffer pool. You can change the number of AI buffers with the After-image Buffers (-aibufs) startup parameter. The default value is 1.
*After-image block size — The size of the after-image block. You can change the AI block size. This reduces I/O rates on disks where AI files are located. See Managing Performance for more information.
*After-image log size — The size of current busy AI extent, in kilobytes.
*After-image sequence # — The current AI sequence number.