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Reference : PROMON Utility : R&D Activity Displays : AI Log
AI Log
Displays after-imaging activity.

PROMON AI Log Activity display

The following shows a sample AI Log Activity display.
09/13/03             Activity: AI Log
11:36:56             from 09/12/03 13:56 to 09/13/03 11:23 (21 hrs 27 min)

                                    Total   Per Min   Per Sec    Per Tx
Total AI writes                     131     0         0.08       0.10
AIW AI writes                       127     0         0.08       0.10
Records written                     3630    25        2.31       3.00
Bytes written                       129487  0         82.42      107.19
Busy buffer waits                   13      0         0.00       0.01
Buffer not avail                    0       0         0.00       0.00
Partial Writes                      4       0         0.00       0.00
Log force waits                     0       0         0.00       0.00
The display lists the following operations:
*Total AI writes — The total number of writes to the AI file.
*AIW AI writes — The number of AI writes performed by the after-image writer (AIW). This is a subset of the total AI writes.
*Records written — The number of records (notes) written to the AI file.
*Bytes written — The amount of AI data written to the AI file, in bytes.
*Busy buffer waits — The number of times a process had to wait because a buffer was held.
*Buffer not avail — The total number of times a process had to wait because a buffer was not available.
*Partial writes — The number of writes to the AI file made before the AI buffer is full. This might happen if:
*The Delayed BI File Write (-Mf) parameter timer expired before the buffer was filled
*An APW attempts to write a block whose changes are recorded in an AI buffer that has not been written
*Log force waits — The number of waiting-for-commit records to be written to disk.