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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Working with business calendars

Working with business calendars

To accurately calculate a task's due date, Business Process Server considers the availability of the task's performers. Performers' availability in turn depends on their working time — that is, business hours and business days — and non-working time — that is, holidays and weekends.
The administrator can define business calendars using the Business Calendar feature, and can assign them to specific users and/or groups.
This chapter explains how to use the Business Calendar feature.
Note: For more information on using tags to define calendars and other technical aspects, see the Business Calendar chapter in the BP Server Developer’s Guide.
* Displaying all business calendars
* Defining business calendars
* Editing business calendars
* Displaying calendar view
* Setting/Unsetting a default calendar
* Opening the default OEBPS calendar
* Business calendar restrictions
* Commands for calendar management