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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Working with business calendars : Editing business calendars

Editing business calendars

You can edit a business calendar using the Calendar Details page:
To edit a business calendar:
1. In the Calendar List page, click the business calendar name link in the Name column, whose details you want to change.
The Calendar Details page appears. This page is same as the Add Calendar page except that the Name field in this page is displayed in read-only mode.
2. Make changes as required in the General, Working Time and Non-working Time sections as explained in the Steps 2, 3 and 4 of the Defining business calendars.
3. Click the Calendar View link to view a particular month’s business calendar in the Calendar View page.
For more details, see Displaying calendar view.
4. Click:
*Save to save the current business calendar and go back to the previous page.
*Reset to reset the form and remove the information you just entered.
*Delete to remove the current business calendar.
*Cancel to cancel the action and exit the current page.
Note: You can delete multiple business calendars simultaneously from the Calendar List page. For more details, see Defining business calendars.