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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Working with business calendars : Opening the default OEBPS calendar

Opening the default OEBPS calendar

Business Process Server provides the OEBPS Calendar, a predefined business calendar with a standard 8-hour work day, a standard 5-day work week, and the 17 standard United States holidays. You can use the OEBPS Calendar as a template to quickly create your customized business calendars.
To add the predefined OEBPS Calendar as the default calendar on your Calendar List page:
1. Open the Command Prompt window and navigate to the %OEBPS_HOME%\conf\resources\common directory.
2. Enter createcalendar sbmcalendar.xml and wait for successful validation.
3. Enter setsystemcalendar sbmcalendar true. The message, "sbmcalendar has been set as system calendar" should appear.
4. Navigate to the Calendar List page in Business Process Portal, and the OEBPS Calendar is seen as the default system calendar in the list of calendars.
* Assigning business calendar to users and groups
* Deleting business calendars