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Application Developer's Guide
Developing an application : Using a sample application to demonstrate application development : Using dataslots to define the information flow

Using dataslots to define the information flow

Process flow is only one part of application development; another part is information flow. In designing an application, you must answer the following questions:
*What information do you need for the business process?
*How can you pass information from one step to another?
*At each step, what information requires reading and processing?
Dataslots are used to manage the flow of information in an application. A dataslot is a global variable that helps manage information for a Business Process Server process. The lifespan of a dataslot is the duration of the Business Process Server process instance associated with it. Dataslots are either predefined (system-wide) or user-defined (application-specific). You can also import or export one or more user-defined dataslots using the Import and Export utility in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. For more information, refer to "Exporting and Importing Dataslots" section of the OpenEdge Getting Started: Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio.
* About predefined dataslots
* About user-defined dataslots
* Using dataslots in the process template
* About LIST dataslots
* Creating document dataslots
* Document dataslot scenarios