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Application Developer's Guide
Developing an application : Using a sample application to demonstrate application development : Using dataslots to define the information flow : Creating document dataslots
Creating document dataslots
You can use the Document dataslot to attach a single document or a bundle of multiple documents to an application and upload or download the documents to the server. There are no restrictions on file type. You must specify the Document dataslot contained in a workstep as an editable (output) dataslot in order to attach the file.
To create a document dataslot:
1. Open the Dataslots tab in the Developer Studio user interface, and click New to open the New Dataslot dialog box.
2. Type a unique ID for the dataslot in the Enter a unique ID field.
Note: The ID cannot exceed 28 characters in length. Valid dataslot IDs must start with a letter. Dataslot IDs can contain letters, numbers and underscores, but cannot contain blank spaces and multibyte characters. While naming a dataslot, be aware of restrictions that can result from certain third-party software limitations.
3. Select the Document option from the list of dataslot types, and click Next. The Value page appears.
4. Select the Single document option to attach a single document or Document bundle option to attach multiple documents to the dataslot.
Click the Browse button to select documents, and then click OK to attach documents in the Document dataslot.You can also enter a URL (http, https or file). In the case of Document bundle, you can add a number of files.
If you select the Document bundle option, then select the Editable by the author only checkbox to prevent other users from modifying your document within the dataslot.
Click Next. The Dataslot page appears.
5. Enter the description for the Document dataslot, and click Finish to complete the creation of the Document dataslot.
Note: For more information on defining or modifying the dataslot format and access, see the Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio manual in the OpenEdge documentation set