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Application Developer's Guide
Developing an application : Using a sample application to demonstrate application development : Using dataslots to define the information flow : About LIST dataslots
About LIST dataslots
The LIST dataslot type is a feature that enables you to create a dataslot that contains a list of choices. This list of values can then be selected by other LIST dataslots from the options provided in the Values panel in the New Dataslot dialog box. Open the Default Format tab to enter a label for the dataslot.
There are several advantages in using a LIST type of dataslot instead of entering CHARACTER dataslot types in the Choices dialog box. At run time, the elements of a LIST dataslot can be accessed directly through basic actions on the provided adapters. Furthermore, if the LIST dataslot is mapped to a database table, then the values are read directly from database and no other action is required (as opposed to CHARACTER dataslots mapped to a database, which need concatenation of all the values coming from the table into one long string with separator characters).
Once you declare a dataslot and specify that its possible values (for example, choices) are read from another LIST dataslot, you can specify the type of presentation (for example, drop-down list, radio-buttons, check-boxes) and eventual parameters including width, height, length, and source of choices.