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Application Developer's Guide
Developing an application : Using a sample application to demonstrate application development : Using dataslots to define the information flow : About predefined dataslots
About predefined dataslots
Predefined system dataslots are common to all BPM Projects. Predefined system dataslots are readable only by worksteps, and are set when the process instance is created or read at run-time. Business Process Server processes can read the values of predefined dataslots, but they cannot change their values. The predefined dataslots are therefore only available as input dataslots (read-only) but not as output (editable) dataslots.
Only the following predefined dataslots are available for processes designed using OpenEdge BPM Designer:
*AllDataslots. Contains (at run-time) all the user-defined dataslots, and the associated values for the user-defined dataslots in a Hashmap.
*Creator. Contains the creator of the process instance (at run-time).
*Priority. Contains the priority (at run-time) of the process. Priority values consist of Low, Medium, High and Critical.
*ProcessName. Contains the Business Process Server process name (at run-time). The process name is a string formed by concatenating the process template name with a unique number.
*StartTime. Contains the date (at run-time) when the process instance was started.
*WorkstepName. Contains the name of the workstep (at run-time) that the process is currently executing.
*ProcessInstanceId. Contains the process instance id.
*ProcessTemplateName. Contains the process template name of the process instance
For detailed descriptions and examples of use, see the OpenEdge Getting Started: Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio.
Note: Predefined dataslots are not available for Web applications.