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Running and debugging ABL programs : Tasks : Using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : Monitoring program execution : Using the Variables view
Using the Variables view
When program execution is suspended during a Debugger session, the Variables view displays information about buffers, datasets, parameters, properties, temp-tables, variables, class variables, handles, and properties of a class type. You can see as little or as much of the information as you want, and you can also choose its overall format display.
To open the Variables view if it is not open select Window > Show View > Debug > Variables.
* Selecting Variables view display information
* Expanding and collapsing the Variables view list
* Evaluating a property in the Variables view
* Filtering the Variables view display
* Temporarily changing values in the Variables view
* Adding watch expressions using the Variables view
* Assigning a value to a data member
* Opening the Variable Details dialog
* Viewing variables in an AppServer or WebSpeed debug session