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Running and debugging ABL programs : Tasks : Using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : Monitoring program execution : Using the Variables view : Opening the Variable Details dialog
Opening the Variable Details dialog
The Variable Details dialog provides an alternative way to view information about a single data element at a time. It is particularly useful for examining HANDLE objects, because it includes information about attributes and fields.
1. To open the Variables view if it is not open select Window > Show View > Debug > Variables.
2. To open the Variables Detail dialog, you must have an active Debugger session and have data displayed in the Variables view. Choose one of the following methods to open the Variable Details dialog:
*Right-click the Variables view entry that you want to look at, and select Variable Details from the context menu.
*Select a Variables view entry, and then select Variable Details from the OpenEdge menu.
The dialog opens, showing the current details for the selected data element. Since it is a modal dialog, the Variable Details dialog does not provide dynamic updates while you step through the program as does the Variables view.
Information appears on one or more of four tabs: Attributes, Fields, Array, and Value. Click a tab to view its contents. On tabs that are not applicable for the selected data element, or for which the information is not currently available, a message indicates that the element is not valid for that tab.