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Running and debugging ABL programs : Tasks : Using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : Monitoring program execution : Using the Variables view : Selecting Variables view display information
Selecting Variables view display information
To select the information you want to see in the Variables view:
1. To open the Variables view if it is not open select Window > Show View > Debug > Variables.
2. Click the drop-down menu   from the Variables view toolbar.
3. Choose Layout > Show Columns. (You cannot select specific columns until you select the Show Columns option.)
4. Choose Layout > Select Columns. The Select Columns dialog appears.
5. Select each individual column you want to see in the view, or click Select All to see all the columns.
The information shown reflects the state of the data elements at the point immediately preceding execution of the line that is currently selected in the stack trace. When there are multiple entries in the stack, you can see how the data elements change at different stages of execution by selecting different stack entries.
Note: Note that you can also see the information provided in the Variables view by hovering the mouse on a variable name in the Editor window when the debug session is selected in the Debug view.