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Running and debugging ABL programs : Concepts : Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : The OpenEdge Debugger perspective
The OpenEdge Debugger perspective
In its default state, the Debug perspective partitions the Workbench into four functional areas:
*Program execution area - Contains the Debug view, which displays session trees with stack traces for each active debugging session. This view also provides the commands for controlling program execution.
*Editing area - Contains one or more ABL Editor tabs for viewing and modifying the source code.
*Execution monitoring area - Contains the Variables, Expressions, and Dynamic Objects views, for tracking the values of data elements as the application runs. The Breakpoints view, where you define rules for suspending program execution at specific points, is also found here.
*Information area - Contains the standard Eclipse Console and Task views.
Note: An Eclipse preference setting lets you control whether every call to an external procedure or include file opens a new ABL Editor window to display the file, or whether all called files use the same window. Select Window > Preferences > Run/Debug and check or clear the Reuse editor when displaying source code option according to your preference. If you check this option, no more than two ABL Editor windows will open automatically during a debugging session -- one window for the initial file, and a second for all called files.