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Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Working with Web objects : Using the SpeedScript Editor
Using the SpeedScript Editor
In Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, you edit embedded SpeedScript files in the OpenEdge SpeedScript Editor. Embedded SpeedScript files are HTML files that contain SpeedScript (a subset of ABL) code contained within HTML SCRIPT elements. The OpenEdge SpeedScript Editor supports editing HTML, JavaScript, CSS, as well as SpeedScript.
When you double-click on a file that has an .htm or .html extension in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, the file opens in the SpeedScript Editor by default.
Code editing features
The SpeedScript Editor has many features to assist in writing code. They include content assist, case correction, keyword expansion, hover help and so on. The code editing features that apply to SpeedScript code are identical to ABL editing features. They are more fully documented in the ABL Editor help. Note that SpeedScript editing features usually do not apply to HTML, JavaScript, or CSS elements in a SpeedScript file. For example, case correcting (Source > Correct case) only applies to SpeedScript elements.
Most SpeedScript editing features are available from the main context menu, or under the Source node of the context menu.
See the topic links below for more information about specific editor features and settings.
Outline view support
HTML and SpeedScript sections are shown the Outline view when focus is in the SpeedScript Editor.
WebSpeed markup support
The SpeedScript Editor also supports these WebSpeed-specific statement and expression escapes:
*<?WS> </?WS>
*<!--WSS -->
*` ` (back tics)
*<!--WSE -->
*{= =}
* Using tabs
* Setting SpeedScript Editor preferences
* Syntax Checking