Setting ABL Editor preferences

Use preference settings to modify the behavior of the OpenEdge ABL Editor.

To modify the behavior of the ABL Editor:

  1. Select Window > Preferences. The Preferences window appears.
  2. Select the Progress OpenEdge > Editor node. The Editor options page appears with settings for indentation style, keyword case, and automatic expansion of keywords and schema references. See also Editor options.
  3. Expand the Editor node to select from the following pages:
    • Annotations - A tool for creating and managing annotation templates
    • Assistance - Options for syntax help and code completion
    • Build - Options for how the Editor handles files with certain extensions
    • Colors - Options for color-coding of syntax elements
    • Templates (Macros) - A tool for creating and managing macro definitions for recalling stored strings
  4. Once you have made changes to the Editor preference settings, click Apply to save your changes.
    Note: Click Restore Defaults to reset Editor preferences to their default values.