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Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Working with Web objects : Using the SpeedScript Editor : Using tabs
Using tabs
The the following tabs appear at the bottom of the SpeedScript Editor view:
*SpeedScript -- presents an editable view of the file. It contains editing support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SpeedScript.
*Generated ABL -- generates and displays a .w version of the HTML file. By default, the .w file is created in the project folder: ../SpeedScriptGen/WebSpeed.
Note: This tab appears only when you open a file contained in a WebSpeed project. Progress Developer Studio does not support compilation of external files. Also, this tab does not appear if you disable .w file generation on the SpeedScript properties page.
The Generated ABL tab is a read-only view. You can, however, open the generated .w file in the ABL Editor to set breakpoints. If you attempt to edit the file, you will see a warning that you are attempting to edit a derived file.
*Preview -- displays a preliminary view of the file that shows how the content will be rendered in a browser. Note that the tab only displays HTML, JavaScript, and CSS content. SpeedScript content is not compiled. In order to run the SpeedScript code, select the file and run it on the server (ALT+SHIFT+X, R).