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Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge

Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge

This section of the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Guide describes the tools and features in the Progress Developer Studio that support the WebSpeed application development environment.
WebSpeed® is an ABL environment for developing and deploying Web applications. Typically, web applications are applications that accessed through a Web browser. WebSpeed applications usually involve some interaction with a data source. In WebSpeed, you can implement queries, updates, and the addition or deletion of records.
With WebSpeed, you can develop and deploy:
*Intranet applications that allow internal users to access and modify data.
*Internet applications that allow external, consumer access (for example, shopping cart applications).
*Extranet, business-to-business applications.
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge includes a WebSpeed project type that supports the Embedded SpeedScript and CGI Wrapper programming models. (HTML Mapping is supported indirectly in the AppBuilder running embedded in an Eclipse window.) In addition, Progress Developer Studio implements Eclipse publishing functionality, which allows you to copy and compile your code on a remote or local server with a single mouse click.
Note: WebSpeed project type can be deployed only to the traditional servers, to deploy to PAS for OpenEdge, create ABL Web App projects.
You will find that Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, as an integrated development environment, also has many advantages over the loose collection of OpenEdge tools known as WebSpeed Workshop, which includes the browser-based utility, WebTools. Note that some features in WebTools are not currently supported in Progress Developer Studio, namely:
*Scripting lab
*Viewing CGI and other session variables
*Individual file level compilation
*Directory browsing
*Remote file editing
However, you can launch WebTools directly from Progress Developer Studio if you need to access any of these features. (Right-click on a WebSpeed Server in the Server view and select Launch WebSpeed Workshop from the context menu.)
For more information about WebSpeed itself and examples of WebSpeed applications, see the following manuals in the OpenEdge Product documentation:
*OpenEdge Getting Started: WebSpeed Essentials
*OpenEdge Getting Started: Application and Integration Services
*OpenEdge Application Server: Developing WebSpeed Applications
*OpenEdge Application Server: Administration
* Concepts
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