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Introducing OpenEdge REST : Concepts : Terminology related to REST support

Terminology related to REST support

The following terms describe various components that apply to REST support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge:
ABL routine
ABL routines are internal procedures, user-defined functions, or class methods.
REST service
A service defined to expose your REST interface annotated ABL class and procedure files to a Web server as a REST Web application WAR file. The defined REST service appears under the Defined Services node in the project directory. For more information, see Defining a REST service.
REST Web application
A WAR file that includes one or more REST services. Any REST Web application, using its WAR file, is an independently deployable and manageable Web server application. The REST Web application will be deployed on the Apache Tomcat Web applications directory at $DLC/servers/tomcat/webapps. You can publish a REST service associated with an OE Web Server instance to create a REST Web application WAR file. To package multiple REST services into a single REST Web application WAR application, use the Exporting a REST Web application wizard.
REST resource
A resource is any URI that resolves to a single HTTP method call. For more information, see Adding REST resources.
Apache Tomcat
A Java container provided with OpenEdge that allows you to deploy the REST services and REST Web applications. When installing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, Apache Tomcat is also installed and configured. The Tomcat is located in your OpenEdge installation directory at $DLC/servers/tomcat.
OE Web Server
A Web server that enables you to deploy, configure, and manage REST services/applications to the Java container. It helps you to collect statistics and provide runtime configuration for a REST Web application. For more information, see Creating an OE Web Server instance.