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Introducing OpenEdge REST : Tasks : Developing ABL REST Web applications : Working with the REST Expose Editor : Adding REST resources
Adding REST resources
The New REST Resource dialog allows you to add REST resources to a defined REST service.
Note: Each REST resource you create includes these four REST verbs (HTTP methods) : GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE. These REST verbs appear under Verb Association on the REST Expose Editor.
To add a REST resource:
1. On the Resources toolbar, click the Add Resource icon.
The New REST Resource dialog appears.
2. In the Resource URI field, enter a Uniform Resource Indentifier (URI) for the resource. The REST resources you add are identified with Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). The name must start with "/". For example, /resource URI.
Note: In a REST resource URI, you cannot use the Java reserved words such as int, char, or boolean, as the path or query parameter names. For more information, see Adding REST parameters.
3. Click OK.
This creates the REST resource and displays on the Resources list.
Note: Any special characters specified in the resource URI must be encoded while constructing the URI, as per the HTML URL Encoding standards. For more information on constructing a resource URI, see the OpenEdge Application Server - Administration guide.