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Introducing OpenEdge REST : Tasks : Developing ABL REST Web applications : Working with the REST Expose Editor : Opening the REST Expose Editor
Opening the REST Expose Editor
The REST Expose Editor allows you to define a mapping between the ABL class and procedure file with REST interface annotations and the defined REST service. You can manage the REST resources defined for the REST service, associate REST resource verbs (HTTP methods) with the REST interface annotated ABL routines, and map the input and output parameters.
The REST Expose Editor opens by default on creation of a REST service. However, you can reopen the REST editor if you have closed the editor while working or want to view or modify the mappings of the defined REST Web application.
To open the REST Expose Editor:
1. From the Project Explorer view, expand the OpenEdge project where you have defined a REST Web application.
2. Expand the Defined Services node.
3. Right-click the REST service that you want to open, and then select Edit from the context menu.
The selected REST service opens in the the REST Expose Editor.