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Introducing OpenEdge REST : Concepts : REST service artifacts

REST service artifacts

The REST services you define using the New REST service wizard appears under the Defined Services node in your REST project.
The REST service artifacts are generated under .services/Expose/rest/service_name in your project directory, where service_name is the name of the defined REST service. A separate REST service node is created for each REST service you define, and its artifacts are generated under that REST service.
Note: The .services node does not appear by default under your project in the Project Explorer view. To view the .services node, open Available Customizations dialog (select View Menu > Customize Menu from the Project View toolbar), clear the .*resources check box, and then click OK.
Each of the REST service node includes the following two files:
*resourceModel.xml - Includes the resource URI information.
*spring.xml - Includes the AppServer end point details, resourceModel.xml, and mapping.xml entry.
Note: Progress recommend you to not modify or delete any file under the .services node in your REST project.