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Introducing OpenEdge REST : Tasks : Developing ABL REST Web applications : Defining a REST service
Defining a REST service
The New REST Service dialog allows you to define a REST service. You can use the defined REST service to expose your REST interface annotated ABL class and procedure file as a REST Web application.
To define a REST service:
1. From the Project Explorer view, select a project for which you want to create a REST service.
2. Right-click the project, and then select New > REST Service on the context menu.
Note: If you do not see REST Service on the context menu, then select Other. On the Select a wizard dialog, select Progress OpenEdge > Service > REST Service, and then click Next.
The New REST Service dialog appears.
3. In the Service name field, enter a valid name for the REST service. This is a mandatory field.
Note: You cannot have REST services with the same name under the same OpenEdge project.
4. In the Service description field, enter a description for the REST service. This is an optional field.
5. In the Service relative URI field, enter a relative URI for all the resources to be defined in the REST service. The relative path must start with "/". For example, /service relative URI. This is a mandatory field.
6. In the Project field, select a project where you want to generate the REST service. By default, the field displays the project you have selected in step 1. You can browse and select a different project. This is a mandatory field.
7. From the OE Web Servers list, select the OE Web Server instances to which you want to associate the defined REST service.
Note: This lists the OE Web Server instances of your current workspace, you define using the New Servers wizard.
8. Click Finish.
This creates the REST service under the Defined Services node in the selected REST project, and then opens the REST Expose Editor.
Note: When you define a REST service for a non-REST project such as AppServer project, the REST and Progress Adapters facets are enabled by default for that project. The project behaves as a REST project enabling you to develop and deploy REST Web applications. The Project Facets page displays the facets associated for your current OpenEdge project. See Project Facets page.