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OpenEdge Table wizard
The Table wizard allows you to specify table properties for OpenEdge databases. You use the wizard to specify the properties of a new table or to change the properties of an existing table.
Start the Table wizard by clicking Add Table or Edit Table . Both are available from context menus in the DB Structure view and from the OpenEdge Table tab of the DB Details view.
The Table wizard allows you to specify or change the following properties:
Table Name
Specifies a table name that is unique within the database. Table names must follow these conventions:
*A table name can be up to 32 characters long.
*A table name can consist of alphabetic characters (A-Z or a-z), digits (0-9), and the pound sign (#), dollar sign ($), percent sign (%), ampersand (&), hyphen (-), and underscore (_). In addition, names must begin with a character (A-Z or a-z).
*You cannot use reserved ABL keywords as names.
*Names are not case-sensitive; they can be uppercase, lowercase, or a combination of both.
Creates a partitioned table without any partition policies defined on it.
Note: The Partitioned option is enabled only if the selected database is enabled for table partitioning. It is disabled if the Multi-tenant option is selected, since a table cannot be both multi-tenant and partitioned.
Creates a multi-tenant table.
Support default tenant
Allows you to associate a multi-tenant table with a storage area.
Specifies the storage area from a list of storage areas defined for the database.
Note: The Area field is disabled if the Support default tenant check box is cleared while creating a multi-tenant table. The Area filed is also disabled when you select the Partitioned check box, since partition areas are defined while defining partition rules.
Dump File
Specifies a unique filename for dumping table contents or definitions.
Specifies the label that is used in error messages. This field is followed by a Field String Attribute field for controlling text preferences and space allocation.
Describes the contents or purpose of the table for documentation purposes.
Defines what criteria to apply before row deletion is allowed. For example, in a customer table, to restrict deleting customers to those who have no outstanding orders, NOT (CAN-FIND(FIRST order OF customer))
Specifies an error message that is displayed when a record deletion is invalid. This field is followed by a Field String Attribute field for controlling text preferences and space allocation.
Specifies the category of the OpenEdge tables to be displayed in the DB structure view. You can specify a category from the existing list or create a new one.
Creates hidden tables.
Keep wizard open after adding table
Keeps the wizard open to add one or more other tables.