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OpenEdge Index wizard
The Index wizard allows you to specify index properties for OpenEdge databases. You use it to specify the properties of a new index or to change the properties of an existing index.
Start the Index wizard by clicking Add Index or Edit Index . Both are available from context menus in the DB Structure view and from the OpenEdge Index tab of the DB Details view.
The Index wizard allows you to specify the following properties:
An index name that is unique within the selected table. Index names must follow certain conventions.
Defines whether the current index is Local or Global.
Note: Local indexes are created only for partitioned tables. A local index is a partition-aligned index that has a partition key column as the leading prefix of its constraint columns. By default, a global index is created for tables that are not partitioned; hence, the Local and Global options are disabled for tables that are not partitioned.
A storage area from a list of storage areas defined for the database.
Note: When you select Local, the Area field is disabled, since partition areas are defined while defining partition rules.
A description of the index for documentation purposes.
When selected, designates the index as the most frequently used index. OpenEdge allows you to set one index as primary and uses it by default when retrieving or ordering records.
When selected, enables the index to be used to retrieve or order records. An active index updates itself every time a new record is created, deleted, or modified.
When selected, indicates that every index key must be unique (for example, a social security number).
Word Index
When selected, indicates that all words in the field are index entries. An index that contains all the words from a text field (or array of text fields) allows you to search for records containing specific words or phrases.
Note: A word index cannot be a primary index. Also, a local index cannot be a word index; so, when you select Local, the Word index option is disabled.
(Add Index only) A list of table fields and index fields that allows you to add or remove fields from the index.
Note: While selecting fields to be added to a local index of a partitioned table, the list of fields must include all the fields defined in the partition policy details and in the same order.
(Add Index only) When selected, rows are sorted in decreasing order.
(Add Index only) When selected, rows are sorted in increasing order. (This option is selected by default.)