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Introducing Progress DB Navigator : Reference : OpenEdge database : OpenEdge edit schema wizards : Field string attributes
Field string attributes
Field string attributes control text preferences and how much space the ABL compiler allocates for a string within an r-code text segment.
The following table describes the string attribute control characters you can enter in the Field String Attributes fields of the Edit Schema wizards:
Center the string.
Left-justify the string.
The maximum amount of space allocated for the text segment. (Specify a number from 1 to 999.) If you do not specify a value, the default number of characters for the field type is used.
Right-justify the string.
Remove trailing spaces. (Spaces are not physically removed from the string, but are not displayed.)
Specify that the Translation Manager should not translate the string.
You can specify the characters in any order but use each character only once. You can use only one of the text justification codes (L, C, or R). If you do not specify justification, the ABL Compiler left-justifies the string by default. The compiler uses these codes to justify strings within the allocated bytes in the r-code text segment, not on the screen.