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Enabling OpenEdge database large index keys
Large key entries increase the amount of user data in an index from approximately 200 bytes to approximately 1970 bytes. However, even with large index keys enabled for a database, databases with 1K and 2K block sizes adhere to an entry size of approximately 200 characters.
To enable large key entries:
1. Select a table name in the DB Structure view.
2. Select an Indexes tab in the DB Details view.
3. Right-click, and choose Enable Large Index Keys from the context menu. The DB Details view changes to display the state of large key support. The Enable Large Index Keys menu option is available only if the block size is greater than 4K and if you have not previously enabled large index key support. All newly created databases have large keys enabled by default.
Note: Once you enable large index keys for an index, you cannot disable them.