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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Reference : OpenEdge workspace preferences : Database Connections preferences
Database Connections preferences
The Database Connections preference page is used to maintain connections available to the project. The connections displayed in this page contain ABL connection information and optional SQL connection information. This page provides a list of available database connections as defined for the workspace.
The following options are available on the Database Connections preference page:
Adds a new connection profile where you can define a new workspace database connection. For more information, see Add/Edit Connection Profile wizard.
Modifies aspects of an existing connection profile. This button is disabled until a connection is selected. For more information, see Add/Edit Connection Profile wizard.
Copies an existing connection profile.
Deletes a connection profile.
Imports a connection profile. When using this function, you must specify the location of the export file. You can import the entire file or individual resources. For information on importing database connections, see Importing database connections.
Exports a connection profile. This function allows you to export either all connection profiles or individual database connection profiles to a system file. For information on exporting database connections, see Exporting database connections.
Import DF
(Progress OpenEdge databases only) Imports the data definitions from a .df file into the specified database.
Export DF
(Progress OpenEdge databases only) Exports the data definitions to a .df file for the specified database.