Import Data Definitions page

The Import Data Definitions page of the Import wizard allows you to import schema changes from a data definition file into the Progress database.

Note: This feature is limited to Progress OpenEdge databases and does not impact other databases like Oracle, SQL, etc.

To access this page, select File > Import, expand the Progress OpenEdge node in the tree view, and select the Database Definitions node.

Note: You can also access this page by selecting Import DF on the Database connections preferences page.

The following controls are available on the Import Data Definitions page:

Input file Specifies the data definition file to be imported. Enter the path or browse to select a path and the file name in the local system.
Target database Specifies the active database where the schema from the selected data definitions file is loaded.
Force Commit Ensures that the data dictionary continues to load and commit changes even if it encounters errors.
Add Object Online Adds new objects without obtaining an exclusive lock.
Note: You cannot import data definitions into an empty database. An error is displayed when you select an empty database. An empty database refers to a database without any AREA defined. The page prompts you when the import operation is successful and displays an error if a database connection error occurs or the file location authentication fails.