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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Reference : OpenEdge workspace preferences

OpenEdge workspace preferences

Note: The OpenEdge Release 10.2B demos have not been updated for OpenEdge Release 11.0. Since 10.2B, OpenEdge Architect has been renamed as Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. In addition, OpenEdge Release 11.0 includes some feature enhancements and other changes. Despite the differences between 10.2B and 11.0, the demos are still a useful introduction to Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
Preferences usually apply either to the Eclipse framework or to individual plug-ins. To access preference dialogs, select Window > Preferences on the main menu bar. From the Preference dialog, you can access pages containing general Eclipse settings as well as pages for individual plug-ins. For example, there are preferences that apply to all the editors that are installed in the Eclipse workbench, and there are also preferences that apply only to specific editors (such as the ABL Editor, the Visual Designer, and XML editors).
* Views preference page
* Startup preference page
* Database Connections preferences
* Shared AVM preference page
* Preference pages for OpenEdge tools
* Customer Experience Improvement Program preferences