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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Reference : OpenEdge workspace preferences : Shared AVM preference page
Shared AVM preference page
The Shared AVM preference page allows you to set some general options for the shared AVM that runs in the current workspace.
Select Window > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog. In the tree view, expand Progress OpenEdge and select Shared AVM to open the Shared AVM preference page.
The following options are available on the Shared AVM preference page:
>Working directory
The directory where shared AVM configuration files (.propath, .dbconnection, assemblies.xml and toolbox.xml) are stored. By default, this is a directory named .sharedavm, which is in the workspace folder.
Temp directory
The directory in which temporary files are created. By default, this is the working directory specified when Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge is installed.
Startup parameters
Any appropriate parameters for starting the shared AVM.
Refer to the ABL parameters section of OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference for a list of AVM (also called the ABL client) startup parameters. You can find the manual in the OpenEdge Product Documentation section of the Progress Communities Web site.
Note: Do not specify database connections as startup parameters. Use the Database Connections page for this purpose.
You can use a parameter file by including -pf parameter_file_path. A relative path statement is interpreted relative to the project working directory.
If you check the Add default parameters option, the parameters in the Startup parametersbox are appended to the defaults
Add default parameters
Use the default startup parameters.
Note: Although you can see the default startup parameters on this page, you cannot change them. Go to the Progress OpenEdge Startup preference page to change these defaults.
Use TTY for runtime
Run ABL procedures in a character client window rather than a GUI window. The client window opens when you open the project.
Use global Toolbox for Visual Designer
Use the global toolbox. The path of the global toolbox.xml file is specified on the Visual Designer preference page.
Import Working Directory as Project
Import the shared AVM working directory as an Eclipse project, which makes it visible in the Resources view. If you do not import the shared AVM working directory, you must use some other file manager application (Windows Explorer, for example) to view the folder.
Note: An imported shared AVM working directory is an Eclipse project, and not an OpenEdge project. Therefore it does not have the special preferences and properties associated with an OpenEdge project.
Note: Shared AVM settings can be imported and exported from the File menu. In the Import or Export wizard, expand the Progress OpenEdge node and select Shared AVM Settings. The wizard allows you to specify a source or destination for the settings.
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