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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Concepts : Database connection profiles

Database connection profiles

Note: The OpenEdge Release 10.2B demos have not been updated for OpenEdge Release 11.0. Since 10.2B, OpenEdge Architect has been renamed as Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. In addition, OpenEdge Release 11.0 includes some feature enhancements and other changes. Despite the differences between 10.2B and 11.0, the demos are still a useful introduction to Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
Database connection profiles contain all the information necessary to connect to a database. The information can include startup parameters, user name and password, host name, port number, and more. Connection profiles are stored in an XML file (databaseConnection.xml), which is part of the metadata of a workspace.
Database connection profiles are available to all projects in a workspace. You can select any or all of the profiles from a project's Database Connections property sheet.
You can transfer the database connection profiles to other workspaces using Export/Import utilities in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.