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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge customization : Reference : Customization Editor

Customization Editor

You use the Customization Editor to:
*Define custom entries on the OpenEdge Editor perspective menu and toolbar.
*Define custom entries on the ABL Editor context (right-click) menu.
*Associate custom JET templates with new code-generation wizards to be added to theFile > New menu.
*Associate standard code-generation wizards (those installed with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge) with custom JET templates, overriding their association with standard installed templates.
*Create, edit, remove, import, and export custom project types.
You open the Customization Editor in the OpenEdge Editor perspective by selecting OpenEdge > Tools > Customization Editor.
The controls available in the Editor depend on the selection context - that is, the current selection in the Available Extension Points tree view.
* Controls available in all contexts
* Menu/Toolbar Entries or Editor Context Menu
* New JET Templates options
* Editor Templates options
* Template Overrides options
* OpenEdge Custom Project options