Launch configurations for running and debugging programs

You can use a launch configuration in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge to:

A launch configuration defines the characteristics of the AVM instance under which the selected program runs. These characteristics include such things as startup parameters, PROPATH settings, and environment settings for the AVM session; database connections; and whether the program uses a dedicated instance of the AVM or the instance under which your OpenEdge project is currently running.

You can use the Configurations wizard to define all of a launch configuration's characteristics. Although this wizard contains a large number of fields on multiple tabs, defining a launch configuration need not be a complicated task. In fact, with a single click, you can create and run a launch configuration that uses default settings, and then edit any of these settings, if necessary.

Note: The descriptions of launch configuration behavior in this online help apply to an Eclipse installation created by the OpenEdge installation program, with default preference settings. You can adjust certain aspects of launching behavior by navigating to Window > Preferences > Run/Debug/Launching.

This section provides some basic information about how launch configurations work.