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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge customization : Concepts : Template customization

Template customization

Templates are the basis for new source code elements. When you use the File > New menu to create a new resource, or when you right-click in the ABL Editor and use the Source submenu, an underlying template determines the content of the file that is generated.
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides standard templates for the files and code segments available from these menus. You can create your own templates and use the Customization Editor to change the installed options as follows:
*You can add options to the File > New menu. For each template that you add, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge automatically creates a menu entry and a corresponding wizard. When the entry is chosen, the wizard generates a new file containing the custom code.
*You can override the standard templates used by the wizards launched from the File > New menu or the Source submenu. The wizards then generate code based on your custom templates instead of the standard ones.
*You can associate the templates to custom project types.
Note: You must have access to the JET templates that you use and they must be in your Java class path. On the Customization preferences page, you can easily add template directories to your class path.

Information resources for JET templates

The following are some useful sources of information about templates:
*OpenEdge Architect: Working with Custom Templates:
*Introduction to JET(Eclipse Corner Article)
*EMFT JET Developer Guide