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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge customization : Reference : Customization Preferences page

Customization Preferences page

The Customization Preferences page lets you:
*Specify the Eclipse plugin that is used for customizations.
*Automatically append template directories to your Java class path.
You open the Customization Preferences page by selecting Window > Preference > Progress OpenEdge > Advanced > Customization.
The following controls are available:
Customization plugin Id
The name of the plugin in which menu and toolbar customizations are stored. The value in this field must correspond to a valid Eclipse plugin.
Template search locations
Options to append all open project directories and/or a specific template directory to your Java class path when Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge starts.
Restore Defaults
Sets the value of the Customization plugin Id to com.openedge.pdt.extensibility.user and clears the Template search locations fields.
Saves changes and leaves the Preferences dialog open.
Saves changes and closes the Preferences dialog.
Closes the Preferences dialog without saving changes.