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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge customization : Reference : Customization Editor : Editor Templates options
Editor Templates options
The Customization Editor allows you to create, edit, and remove Editor templates. You can associate these templates to the custom project types using the Code-generation Templates option. Associating an Editor template to a custom project type creates a New File option in the File > New menu, which you can use to create a new file with the selected template pattern.
When you select the Editor Templates node, the Customization Editor displays the New Editor Templates section in its right pane. In this section, you can create, edit, remove, import, and export Editor templates.
The following controls are available in the New Editor Templates section:
Opens the New Template dialog that allows you to create a new Editor template.
Allows you to edit the currently selected Editor template options in the New Templatedialog and change the name of the template.
When you change the name of the template, an Edit Template dialog appears, asking if you want to add a new template with that name or modify an existing one.
Deletes the currently selected entry.
Allows you to import Editor templates from the file system.
Allows you to export Editor templates to the file system.

Controls available for the New Template dialog

Allows you to specify the name of the template.
Determines where the template can be used and the set of available predefined template variables.
Specifies the template description.
Specifies the template pattern.
Insert Variables
Display the list predefined context specific variables.