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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Tasks : Modeling components : Creating a new component
Creating a new component
1. Complete the following steps to create a new Business Logic component:
a. Select File > New > Other > OpenEdge > Tools for Business Logic > Business Logic Component and click Next.
b. Enter a folder in your workspace as the location for the component diagram.
c. In the Component name field, enter a file name with a .dgm extension.
d. Select one of the valid component types.
e. Click Finish or Next, whichever button is enabled.
Note: If you click Finish, the diagram file opens in the Component Designer and is associated with your model database or with the default appModel.t4bl file, as applicable. You can proceed to edit the diagram. If you click Next, a dialog opens where you must specify a component model file as explained in the next step.
2. You must populate the list of T4BL model files with one or more file names. Your new component will be added to the model at the top of the list. If more models are listed, they will be included in the Outline view, from which you can drag components to the diagram of the component that you are creating. Use this feature to associate the component with related models to which you want to have access while building the component.
3. Use one or more of the following methods to populate the model list:
a. Click Create. Then specify the name and location of a new .t4bl file, and click OK.
b. Click Browse Workspace to open a browser for your current workspace. Navigate to and check one or more folders or .t4bl files (check a folder to select all .t4bl files in that folder and its subfolders; click the folder name to view and select individual .t4bl files contained in that folder). Click OK to add all selected .t4bl files to the list.
c. Click Browse File System to open a standard file browser with a *.t4bl filter. Navigate to and select a .t4bl file anywhere on your file system, and click Open to add it to the list.
4. To remove a model from the list, select it and click Remove.
5. When the list shows the model files in the desired order, click Finish to create the diagram file that you specified in step 2. The file opens in the Component Designer, ready to have subcomponents or other elements added.