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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Reference : Outline view for diagrams

Outline view for diagrams

When the Component Designer is active (that is, you are editing a .dgm file), the Outline view displays the contents of one or more component models, as follows:
*The model that actually contains the component you are currently editing. If you are using database storage, the outline contains only one model.
*If you are using XMI storage, any other models that you associated with the component when you created it.
The Tools for Business Logic perspective includes the Outline view by default. To display it if is not open, select Window > Show view > Basic > Outline.
The Outline shows a first-level node for each model. If multiple model files are shown, the one that contains the component you are editing appears first. To expand a node to display its content, click the dot to the left of the label at the right angle of the vertical and horizontal branch lines ( ). Expand nodes to browse the model structure.
You can drag elements from the outline to the canvas to add them to the current component, provided the context allows it. For example, you can drag a table to a ProDataSet, or a column into a temp table.