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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Concepts : The Business Logic tool set

The Business Logic tool set

Two Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge tools are associated with Tools for Business Logic:
*Component Designer - The graphical editor with which you create and edit components.
*Application Schema Explorer - A specialized browsing view that helps you locate available building blocks for designing components.
In addition, the Tools for Business Logic perspective in its default state includes several views associated with other perspectives:
*DB Structure view - Lets you browse a database schema. You can drag and drop tables and fields into the Component Designer. (Associated with the DB Navigator perspective).
*Connections view - Lets you start and stop database sessions. In this view, you select the database to appear in the DB Structure view. The Connection Info view, showing detailed information about connected databases, is also included. (Associated with the DB Navigator perspective).
*Outline view - Lets you examine the structure of a model. You can drag existing elements from the model and drop them into the Component Designer for reuse. (Standard Eclipse view adapted for component models.)
*Problems view - Shows errors detected by the model validation process. (Standard Eclipse view.)