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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Reference : Application Schema Explorer

Application Schema Explorer

The Application Schema Explorer helps you locate existing logical elements that you can reuse in new models. For example, it can show you all available ProDataSets.
The Application Schema Explorer appears when you select Window > Show view > Other > OpenEdge Tools for Business Logic > Application Schema Explorer.
The Application Schema Explorer includes:
*A tree-style browser that groups valid element types under separate nodes that you expand to show available elements. You can expand and collapse nodes by clicking the + and - symbols.
*A property viewer that displays useful information about the selected tree node.
To find the location of a specific element, such as a temp table, select its node in the browser and note the path properties in the viewer.

Application Schema Explorer content

This view displays information about elements found in one or both of the following sources:
*Meta catalog - If you have one or more local or master catalogs configured for your workspace, all eligible elements defined in the indexed code base are available under the Catalogs node of the browser. See the Meta Catalog volume in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge help for more information.
*Component model database - If you use the database storage option for your component models, all eligible elements that you create in the Component Designer are available under the Models node of the browser as soon as you save the diagram. The Application Schema Explorer does not support the display of models stored in XMI format.
Note: If you use XMI model storage, only the Catalogs node shows content. The components that you create with Tools for Business Logic are added to catalogs only after you generate ABL code from your component diagrams.