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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Tasks : Matching diagrams to ABL code : Generating code from a diagram
Generating code from a diagram
You can produce source code that defines the model represented in a component diagram.
By default, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge generates separate include files for a ProDataSet and for each temp table contained in a ProDataSet component. Each include file has the same name as the corresponding component, and a .i extension. You can change this behavior by editing the component's property settings.
To generate code from a diagram:
1. Edit the component diagram in the Component Designer.
2. Right-click on the canvas and select Generate Code from the menu.
3. Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge validates the component, and if no errors are found, creates the source files in the same folder as the diagram. These files open in the Editor.
If validation fails, you have the option of canceling or proceeding with the code generation. Look at the Problems view to see what errors occurred.
To customize code generation, in the Properties view, you can edit the Code Generation settings for a component to control the following aspects of code generation:
*Location of generated file - Edit the ContainerName property.
*File name - You can specify a prefix to be added to the name of the diagram. Enter a value for the FileNamePrefix property.
*Extension - Edit the FileExtension property.
*Single file versus separate files - For a component contained in a parent component, such as a temp table in a ProDataSet, you can generate a separate file or include the code in the definition of the parent component. Edit the GenerateSeparateFile property.