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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Tasks : Matching diagrams to ABL code : Creating diagrams from code
Creating diagrams from code
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge can extract component definitions from existing source code and create the corresponding component diagrams. Use the following procedure:
1. In the Resources view, right-click the source code file.
2. From the menu, select Tools for Business Logic > Code to Model. The Code to Model Component wizard starts.
3. The wizard shows all eligible components found in the source code, and proposes the source file as the location for the new diagrams. For each component, you can:
a. Check or clear the box in the ObjectName column to specify whether you want a diagram created for the component.
b. Edit the name of the diagram file.
You can also control where the diagrams are created by changing the directory path in the Location field.
4. Click Finish to create the selected component diagrams. The diagrams open in the Component Designer