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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Reference : Code to Model Component wizard

Code to Model Component wizard

The Code to Model Component wizard lets you select from a list of component definitions found in an ABL source file the components for which you want to create diagrams. The wizard opens when you right-click a source file in the Resources view and select Tools for Business Logic > Code to Model.
The following fields and commands are available:
The source code file selected in the Resources view.
The folder in which diagram (.dgm) files are to be created.
Object Name
The component name as defined in the source file. Use the check box preceding the name to select or deselect the component for diagram creation.
Component Type (read-only field)
The type of Business Logic component.
Component Name
The name of the diagram file to be created (editable).
To open a standard file browser that you can use to specify a location for the diagram files.
Select All
To select all components.
Deselect All
To deselect all components.
To create diagrams for the selected components.
To close the wizard without creating any new components.