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Introducing the Class Browser : Tasks : Copying to the Clipboard

Copying to the Clipboard

You can copy text from the Class Browser view and paste it to the Clipboard for use outside of the Class Browser, as follows:
*From the Browser pane, you can copy the qualified name of the selected resource, project, package, namespace, or type.
*From the Content pane, you can copy the name of the selected group or member, a method signature, or the signature of an indexed property.
*From the Summary pane, you can copy the selected text.
You can copy one or more items at a time.
To copy:
1. Select the text and right-click. To copy more than one item, use CTRL+CLICK to select each item.
2. From the context menu, choose Copy. (From the Summary pane, you can also use CTRL+C to copy the selection.) If you selected multiple items, a comma-delimited list of the item names is copied to the Clipboard.
Note: You must have at least one item selected for the Copy option to be available.