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Introducing the Meta Catalog : Concepts : Content builders

Content builders

Content builders extract data from the source code and store it in the Meta Catalog. Each content builder looks for specific code segments, called content types, and retrieves matching data from the source code.
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides several predefined content builders. A content builder extracts data for one or more content types for storage in the Meta Catalog.
The Meta Catalog design allows for additional content builders that extract more data from the source code. For example, a content builder could be designed to extract index usage information. The extensibility of the content builder mechanism provides the possibility that it could be extended to extract data from non-ABL application code if necessary.
Predefined content builders installed with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides the following predefined content builders:
Predefined Content Builders
ABL Annotation
Extracts annotations that you either manually add to the source code or included through the Annotation Generator.
ABL Application Schema
Extracts data on temp-tables and ProDataSets.
ABL Reference
Extracts data on procedures, functions, methods, and where they are called.