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Introducing the Meta Catalog : Tasks : Adding custom file extensions to content builders

Adding custom file extensions to content builders

By default, the content builders run against files with the standard OpenEdge extensions (*.cls, *.i, *.p, and *.w). You can configure them to run against other files with custom extensions. For example, if you use .t as the file extension for your ABL trigger source code, you should add the .t extension to the list of extensions to ensure that the content builder runs against your trigger source code.
1. Choose Window > Preferences. The Preferences dialog appears.
2. Select Progress OpenEdge > Meta Catalog > Content Builders. The Content Builders page appears.
3. Select a content builder in the browse.
4. Choose Edit. The Edit Content Builder dialog appears.
5. Add your custom extension to the list in the Extensions field.
6. Choose OK.
7. Choose Apply to save your changes to the internal Meta Catalog definition file.
Note: The content builder definitions are also stored when you export catalog definitions to a file. Importing an existing definition file will overwrite any changes you made to the content builder definitions. If you do not want that to happen, you should export the catalog definitions again to overwrite the old file.