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Managing AppServer Data : Modifying AppServer control settings : Changing AppServer broker controls : Server Pool Control
Server Pool Control
The Server Pool Control page, as shown in The following figure shows data relevant to your current AppServer workload, and allows you to add or reduce the number of AppServers currently running.
Figure 16. Server Pool Control page
For example, use this page to add agents when agent requests are high; you can add agents to the maximum number of agents that your license recognizes. Also, use this page to reduce the agent count during a lag in agent requests. Using the trim feature, you can reduce agents down to the Minimum agents property setting.
The Server Pool Control page consists of the following:
*An Add or Trim selection that you use to specify the activity you want to perform. When you initiate a manual trim request, OpenEdge Management determines which agent(s) to actually remove. See Adding or trimming AppServers for detailed steps.
*Three distinct, agent-related data summary tables that allow you to review relevant AppServer-pool specific data quickly:
*Server pool initial configuration
*Servers state
*Server pool summary
The changes you make through add/trim activities can affect the data shown in these summary tables. The Server pool summary also allows you to kill a specific server process. See the for the detailed steps.
* Server pool initial configuration
* Servers state
* Server pool summary and the kill process option