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Managing AppServer Data : Modifying AppServer control settings : Changing AppServer broker controls : Server Pool Control : Server pool initial configuration
Server pool initial configuration
The Server pool initial configuration section identifies AppServer broker configuration properties set in the file (and which are also reflected in the configuration settings within OpenEdge Management). These values appear as read-only.
The following table identifies and describes each field that appears in the Server pool initial configuration section.
Table 20. Server pool initial configuration fields
Initial number of servers to start
The value OpenEdge Management references when the AppServer broker starts AppServers.
Minimum servers
The minimum number of AppServers that must be simultaneously running before the AppServer broker will start additional servers. The broker strives to maintain this specified minimum. If at any time the number of servers falls below the specified minimum, the broker will automatically start the additional servers needed to maintain the minimum. If you set a trim value that requires OpenEdge Management to trim the number of servers below the number specified for this field, OpenEdge Management displays a message.
Maximum servers
The maximum number of AppServer processes that can be running simultaneously. OpenEdge Management will not fulfill add requests you initiate that will exceed the specified maximum. OpenEdge Management will display a message to state this condition so that you can reconsider your request and, if necessary, initiate a new request.