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Managing AppServer Data : Modifying AppServer control settings

Modifying AppServer control settings

The Command and control section of the AppServer Details page for an AppServer broker allows you to:
*Start and stop the AppServer broker, and change its associated property settings
*Add or trim the pool of available AppServers associated with the broker
*Obtain and review AppServer-related data collected through broker- and server-specific log files associated with this instance
*Monitor and manage AppServer brokers using monitoring plans and rules, including the option to use Configuration Advisor-recommended settings
*Configure the AppServer's properties
The following figure shows the Command and control section of the AppServer Details page.
Figure 14. Command and control section
The following table identifies where you can find information about other functionality related to the AppServer Command and control section.
Table 18. Additional AppServer information
For AppServer-related details about . . .
See . . .
Broker and server pool log file monitors and viewers
Broker monitoring plans and rules
Broker rule sets
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* AppServer Control
* Changing AppServer broker controls